Making Moves at the Business Show 2023

With over 25 000 attendees, the Business Show Africa is a premier destination for business owners, entrepreneurs and business decision-makers seeking new ideas, opportunities, and innovations.

What is the Business Show Africa?

The Business Show Africa is the brainchild of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), which was established in 2007 to fuel small business growth across the continent. The organisation is therefore dedicated to offering resources and addressing the needs of small business owners everywhere.

To achieve its mission, the NSBC uses a host of initiatives and events to help SMEs get on their feet, so they can find success in Africa’s vibrant – but often challenging – economic landscape.

The Business Show Africa is possibly the most visible illustration of this mission, offering a real-world venue for entrepreneurs and business owners to connect.

That’s why this year, Rentoza made sure we were there to spread the good word about product subscriptions for business.

Solving Old Problems with New Solutions

Starting a business in the modern day has become easier than ever. There are a host of tools that allow entrepreneurs and new business owners to solve a myriad of problems, from accounting, to human resources, to inventory management, to sales. The cost of these solutions have become increasingly affordable, lowering the barrier for entry. But despite this, one major challenge remains: 


Every tool, every process for improving efficiency and profitability remain useless without access to the equipment needed to use them. This means that – regardless of the low cost of other solutions – equipment continues to require an often large capital outlay right when a business can afford it least.

Rentoza’s product subscription service offers a way out of this quandary. Using subscriptions, a small business owner can access equipment easily, from laptops to smart phones and even power solutions. The significantly lower cost of subscriptions reduces the capital burden. This means that cash can go where it needs to: Inventory management, upskilling, or reinvestment in business growth.

Kagiso Setshedi, Senior Sales Associate at Rentoza, highlights other benefits, explaining that Rentoza’s presence at the Business Show Africa was intended to showcase access to a flexible and cost-effective solution for business equipment needs.

Connecting Business and Subscriptions

Kagiso speaks to the hopes of Rentoza at the show: “We wanted to gain valuable connections and potential clients who can benefit from our subscription services. We’re looking to grow strategic partners. Attending the Business Show Africa assists in igniting those conversations.”

And by that measure, the show was a resounding success, with a host of new and potential partners visiting the Rentoza booth to discover the benefits of the product subscription model.

The highlight of the event was the opportunity to show businesses Rentoza's innovative subscription platform and learn about its advantages,” Says Kagiso. “We’re unique, and a lot of people didn't know about our business-to-business offerings until recently.”

It’s easy to see why Rentoza made an impact – not only does the month-to-month product subscription make it easier for businesses to get the equipment they need, there are other benefits:

  1. Quick access to equipment means it’s easier to scale up or down as your business cycle fluctuates, giving you greater flexibility with your cash management.
  2. Laptop getting sluggish? Upgrading is simple and fast, with no extra costs beyond the subscription itself.
  3. Rentoza Care makes sure all equipment is covered in case of damage or loss. This can lead to lower premiums for the business overall, and even bolster your claims history.
  4. A monthly product subscription is tax efficient, netting businesses even more savings, on top of freeing up capital.

And our subscriptions don’t stop at core equipment. Want to set up a workout area for your employees (or you) to blow off steam? We’ve got you covered. Want to fit out your office kitchen without breaking the bank? We can do that too

In combination, these benefits add up to a powerfully compelling total-business solution. The best part? It’s not just for small businesses – any business can benefit from our monthly subscriptions. 

Because commitment is messy, even in business. 

Just Rentoza it.