LinkedIn's Top 10 South African Startups 2022

LinkedIn launched its inaugural top startup's list this year in South Africa and we found ourselves on the list at number 5.

We reflected on this over the last day and found ourselves thinking, we set out to democratise access to essential products so that everyone can change the way they utilise these items in their everyday lives.

It's a grand vision, no doubt. We never set out to be the best employer in the country or even build a cabinet of accolades. To be completely honest, every day is a grind and a learning opportunity. The focus is always on achieving what we set out to achieve no matter what... moments like these make us believe that we're getting there.

It has also made us stop and take stock of the journey that we're on. For a global platform such as LinkedIn to recognise what you're doing, well, you must be doing something right. The hard work makes sense even if you haven't reach the end state, to be clear I don't know if there is an end state, It gives you the fuel to continue and even push the vision harder.

The best outcome though around this kind of news is the exposure at all levels and that people get to see that Rentoza is an unstoppable force hurtling toward every person in the country with one goal, to turn that light switch on in their head that makes them realise, why wasn't I living my life like this before.

We're honoured to be recognised but we're blessed to have built something that we can be proud off

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