Hisense WTJA1402T 14 KG Titanium Top Loader

R 460 per month

With just a touch of a button, you can have your clothes fresh and clean in no time. Perfect for those moments when you need that favorite outfit ASAP or when unexpected guests are on their way. Efficiency at its finest!

But that's not all - this powerhouse of a machine boasts a whopping 14 KG capacity. Yes, you heard it right! It can handle even the largest piles of laundry with ease, so you can bid farewell to endless loads and hello to more free time.

You can subscribe to the Hisense WTJA1402T 14 KG Titanium Top Loader through Rentoza. Say bye to the hassle of upfront costs and hello to flexibility and convenience. With Rentoza's subscription model, you can enjoy all the amazing features of this washing machine without breaking the bank.

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