8kg front loader with digital inverter motor - WW80TA046AX/FA

R 720 per month

The Mighty Laundry Master 3000 is an eco-friendly superhero, using its digital inverter motor to launch your laundry into the realm of energy efficiency. Watch those utility bills plummet!

It's an 8kg Front Loader, so it can handle massive laundry loads like a champ!
Say goodbye to those endless cycles, and hello to more free time for the things you love. Whether you're a fashionista with a mountain of clothes or a family of superheroes creating never-ending laundry piles. Thanks to Rentoza, you can have this Laundry Superstar 3000 that’s up for any challenge!


• Dimensions: 600mm x 850mm x 550mm
• Weight: 65kg
• Type: Front Loader
• Capacity: 8kg

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