36L Microwave H36MOMMI

R 230 per month

A microwave should be so much more than just a device for heating or defrosting, it should make food and the way we think about and prepare it exciting again. We shouldn’t settle for those microwaves that overheat food on the outside leaving it cold and unappetising on the inside, we deserve a microwave that inspires us and Hi-Senses 36l Microwave definitely does this and more.This Rentoza subscription brings the heat back to your kitchen and life. 

It’s just another device designed to make your life simpler and easier - like Rentoza.


      • Dimensions: 519mm x 426mm x 315mm
      • Weight: kg
      • Power output: 1000W
      • Oven capacity: 36L
      • Features: 10 Power Levels, Auto Cooking Menu, Defrost

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