30L Microwave H30MOMS9H

R 190 per month

Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, Rentoza and the 30L Microwave H30MOMS9H are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

With Rentoza and the 30L microwave you can say goodbye to cramped cooking spaces and hello to larger meals that you can cook for your entire family effortlessly.

Thanks to Rentoza you gain access to the 30L Microwave H30MOMS9H that boasts an impressive power output that ensures quick and even heating, allowing you to enjoy perfectly cooked meals in no time.

Subscribe to Rentoza and bring home the 30L Microwave H30MOMS9H to unlock a world of culinary possibilities.


• Dimensions: 495mm x 401mm x 291mm
• Weight: 12.8kg
• Power consumption: 900W
• Oven capacity: 30L
• Features: 11 Power Levels, 2 Auto Cooking Menus, Multi Stage Cooking

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